Social Media

Is a mainstream way to engage with customers and provide them better ways to interact with your brand. The nature of your business is a key indicator on how big your social footprint should be and which social networks you should be active on. We offer social media consulting services to help create a strategy, setup, optimize, and provide training on how to use social networks. We do not recommend having an agency maintain and interact with your customers; this is why we only offer consulting services.

search-engine-optimization-iconFacebook Business Pages

We work with you to identify the elements that will help make your fan page useful to customers. Then we design, implement, and optimize the page. Finally, we provide training to you and your staff to execute the strategy.

search-engine-optimization-iconTwitter Profile(s)

We work to understand how to make your profile stand out and attract new followers. Then we design, implement, and optimize the profile. Finally, we provide training on how to tweet and present guidelines for building followers.


If you’re a professional, business owner, or executive, establishing a presence on LinkedIn is important. We will help setup your LinkedIn profile, get fresh photography (if needed), optimize your profile, and train you in how to establish new connections.


If your business has a photogenic or consumer-driven side, we highly recommend Pinterest as part of your digital marketing strategy. We will create a strategy, setup and implement the initial strategy, and provide training on how to maintain it.