Micro-Moments: A New Battleground for Brands

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Today, almost everyone has a mobile device or tablet with internet access, making it easier to surf the web wherever and whenever they want. If someone wants to know how to bake a cake, they pull out their smartphone and ask Siri. Who needs a cookbook when you’ve got everything you need at the tip of your fingers? If someone wanted to learn how to play an instrument, they turn to Youtube instead of an instructor, because it’s fast, easy, and free.

What Are Micro-Moments?

Micro-Moments are the fractured, intent driven moments that consumers throughout the day while using a mobile device. People are constantly online, whether they’re standing in line at the convenience store, at a restaurant, or even at a stoplight. Google has found that 82% of smartphone users turn to their phone for purchase decisions. Annie Zipfel, Senior VP of marketing at REI states, “Consumers have never been more informed,” and what she means by this is that consumers can get the answer to anything and everything in a split second due to their smartphones.

How to Optimize AdWords Campaigns

There are four types of micro moments: know, go, do and buy. Each moment should have a unique ad campaign surrounding it. Ads need to be adjusted according to what your customer wants, along with when and where they are looking for it. Taking these considerations into account. each micro-moment can be personalized using Ad copy, Sitelinks, and Ad extensions. Here are the 4 micro-moments that consumers find themselves in every day:

  • Know: An “I want to know” moment occurs when someone wants to obtain a piece of information and they expect to find it right way.
  • Go: An “I want to go” moment is when someone wants to go somewhere, such as a ball game, out to eat or to the movies.
  • Do: An “I want to do” moment happens when someone is wanting to accomplish a task or activity.
  • Buy: An “I want to buy” moment is, well, when someone wants to buy a product. Consumers can shop online at any time of the day.

Make sure your brand is available 24/7

With tools like Google TrendsGoogle Consumer Surveys, and YouTube Trends, you can discover valuable insights into what your customers are looking for and watching. How have you been optimizing your Adword campaigns? Now is the time to start. If you’re not seeing results or need help kick starting an online campaign, contact Ascential Marketing and get started with a free $25 voucher for Google Adwords.



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