Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Development

Cryptocurrency has the ability to be one of the biggest technological and financial changes in the 21st century. Originally created in 2008 as a way to make the financial markets more open and to decentralize the institutional power of banks, it has great potential with numerous potential uses. Bitcoin was the first coin developed on blockchain and now there are thousands.


The underlying technology of cryptocurrency is blockchain and it’s best described as a journal of transactions that are publicly viewable and can be hosted by anyone. Although there are now alt-coins that are centered around privacy where the identity of the transactor on the blockchain is hidden. It resembles the internet in that the blockchain is hosted on individual computers and servers so that it is always available and not subject to a specific company or individuals blockchain going down.

Potential Use

Cryptocurrency and blockchain both have a variety of potential uses. Here are a few examples:


  • Marketing promotions
  • Loyalty Programs
  • B2B Payments
  • B2C Payments

Block Chain

The technology is open source and can be used in a private or decentralized manner.

  • Cryptocurrency transactions
  • Application Data
  • Data Storage

Ascential Services

We offer cryptocurrency and blockchain development services.

Blockchain Development

Creating applications based on blockchain is a way to create a public or private transactional data. It is a new way of conceptualizing and storing application data.

Cryptocurrency Development

There are many implications to creating your own cryptocurrency that can range from a marketing promotion, novelty or a real business need. We can create a cryptocurrency or tokens for your cause, charity, business or loyalty program. It can be hosted and private or be publicly available.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Just like in the days of the gold rush. Cryptocurrency mining is just what it seems, you are using computing power to solve mathematical equations with the hope of striking crypto gold. There are two main benefits to mining:

  1. Miner fees – For hosting the blockchain and keeping it distributed and available you receive transactions fees, similar to credit card processing companies.
  2. Crypto Coins – While mining and validating transactions you’re also mining for new coins. You can mine new coins in a pool where all miners are mining together and when a block of coins is found they share the coins based on the amount of power you put to finding a coin.

Interested in mining cryptocurrency? We offer services, build, tune and monitor cryptocurrency mining rigs.

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